New Documentary on Asperger's Syndrome from Writer/Producer Robin A. Borakove Released

New Documentary on Asperger's Syndrome from Writer/Producer Robin A. Borakove Released

Writer/Producer Robin A. Borakove always felt different than many of her friends and family members. Her behavior, abrasive tongue and inability to maintain relationships were a constant battle in her life, even though she was a bright and happy child most of the time. Still, something was wrong. After many incorrect diagnoses and medications failed, she lived with it until she felt she was no longer able to.

It wasn't until recent years, after her children grew up and moved away, that her true diagnosis became clear - she was suffering from Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism that impacts a person's ability to communicate and socialize well with others, causes insomnia and more. To help those facing the challenges of Asperger's, Borakove documented her struggles in the new film, "Metamorphosis: Journey to Neurofield and pEMF," now available on Amazon and elsewhere.

The trailer is available here:

"The film is really about my journey, from a woman dealing with misdiagnosed Asperger's and the day-to-day struggles that people with this condition have to deal with," she said. "I had so many misdiagnoses that when I finally heard my doctor say I had Asperger's, it was a relief. He said to me, 'This is why you have sensory overload and relationship issues.' It was amazing to hear this for the first time." Thanks to noted psychologist Dr. Nicholas J. Dogris, a proponent of neurofeedback therapy or Neurofield, Borakove is overcoming the impact of Asperger's by retraining her brain through the therapy which uses computers and sensors to monitor brain activity. "Neurofeedback is the process where the brain heals itself. We can speed up your brain or slow it down. It's a form of learning basically so your brain learns to calibrate itself and function differently," Dr. Dogris said. By embracing her diagnosis and therapy, Borakove began a quest to spread awareness and education through the art of storytelling. She teaches children that even if they're challenged, they too can be a HERO. Taking that belief to heart herself, she donates 100% of the proceeds from her books, "Little Edwin's Triumph" and "Fairy Fizzle's Plight," written by Robin when she was a child herself, to her charity advocating for those with autism. Today, Borakove, along with actress Ayla Fox as Robin's character "Fairy Queen Flutterby," travel the globe visiting schools, libraries and hospitals, bringing their inspiration and support to young special needs children and their parents. Robin proclaims, "It's a risk, but in each show I come out and say that I am on the spectrum, that I have a mild form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome, that I'm proud and that I have a strong message about love, healthy living and literacy." "My dream is to produce enough products...novels, DVDs, comic books, movies, interactive and educational video games, dolls and that I can raise sufficient funds to provide a Special Needs Adult Resource Network, because support after the age of twenty-five is so limited." With her new children's TV pilot, novel and comic book series, Borakove aims to bring her positive message to a greater audience of children and adults alike. To learn more, please visit

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