Jimmy Fallon May Take Over TONIGHT SHOW When Leno's Contract Expires in 2014


The New York Daily News has announced that NBC executives are seriously considering late-night comedian Jimmy Fallon as Jay Leno's replacement when THE TONIGHT SHOW host's contract expires in 2014.

A source, reportedly high up in the network, explains that they're looking to break into the younger demographic - and they believe Fallon may just be their guy to do that.

TONIGHT SHOW squabbles have come to be an expectation in recent years: in 2009, Leno was forced out of his TONIGHT SHOW gig, and replaced with Conan O'Brien. Leno was given his own primetime show, but when it proved to be a flop in the ratings, NBC pulled the plug, and then replaced O'Brien with Leno - and Leno once again became the host of THE TONIGHT SHOW. TBS then quickly scooped up O'Brien, giving him his own late-night show.

Both THE TONIGHT SHOW and LATE NIGHT WITH Jimmy Fallon continue to bring the ratings for NBC, however. Season to date for the 2012-13 season, "Tonight" has stretched its leads versus one year ago over CBS's "Late Show" in viewers 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 plus total viewers. In viewers 18-49, "Tonight" has established a margin over "Late Show" of 11 percent (1.026 million vs. 924,000), eliminating last year's "Late Show" advantage of 3 percent. Jay has also generated a 25-54 advantage this season of 9 percent (1.313 million vs. 1.206 million) after trailing by 1 percent at this point last year, stretched his 18-34 lead to 18 percent (347,000 vs. 295,000), up from last year's 10 percent, and increased his total-viewer margin to 12 percent (3.456 million vs. 3.085 million), up from last year's 11 percent.

Jimmy Fallon has established a 15 percent lead over "Late Late Show" this season in viewers 18-49 (664,000 vs. 579,000), up from 10 percent at this point last season, and in viewers 18-34, Jimmy's lead over "Late Late Show" this season is 42 percent (286,000 vs. 201,000), up from a 38 percent margin at this point last season.

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