Big Bad Boo Studios' Mini-Series LILI & LOLA Premieres on Oznoz

Big Bad Boo Studios' Mini-Series LILI & LOLA Premieres on Oznoz

Oznoz original miniseries Lili & Lola debuts this Wednesday on the same channel, targeting preschool kids with a literacy curriculum. Produced by Shabnam Rezaei and Aly Jetha of Big Bad Boo Studios, Lili & Lola follows the adventures of two sisters, Lili and Lola, who live in a small apartment in a big city. Their every day adventures in the park, around the neighborhood and with their friends showcase a diverse world, also allowing for cultural celebrations such as Norooz, the Iranian New Year.

Shabnam Rezaei, the creator of the show says, "Lili and Lola is about a modern Iranian family living in a big, multicultural city. The show is a great representation of the diversity and times we live in and we are very proud of it."

The show will be released in Persian (Farsi) on July 8 th with new episodes coming every Wednesday. English, French and other language releases are also in the works for the multilingual channel, which caters to bilingual families in North America. In this round, Big Bad Boo Studios, in collaboration with the Canadian Media Fund, has produced five 7-minute episodes and a series of iOS apps and games to support a literacy curriculum. The miniseries will also air on Canadian multicultural channels such as ICI Television Montreal, Shaw Multicultural Channel and TenTV Toronto, in addition to Oznoz.

Following in the footsteps of other over-the-top or OTT channels such as Netflix, and Hulu, Oznoz is keen on original programming for its audiences to attract new subscribers. The show Lili & Lola will be the first of many. The platform already provides many exclusive shows such as Sesame Street, Thomas and Friends, Babar and others in Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, German and others.

Big Bad Boo's previous shows like Mixed Nutz and 1001 Nights air in 120 countries on channels such as Cartoon Network, Teletoon, Disney, CBC, Al Jazeera Children's Channel, Discovery Kids, PBS and Globo TV.

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