BWW Recap: Season 2 Big Bad is Revealed on the CW's ARROW

Previously on the CW's ARROW: We were introduced to the fresh-faced Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) the crime scene investigator who turned out to be just a an assistant in search of answers to the Supernatural occurrences surrounding his mother's murder. Someone in Starling City is injecting people with the miracle, super human serum that killed Slade back on the island. And Oliver went to confront one of the super humans and got himself into a load of trouble that not even Felicity could get him out of, so she called (or Drugged and kidnapped) the one person who can save Oliver: Barry Allen.

We pick up directly where we left off: Barry is trying to decide on a diagnosis for Oliver, who is not doing so hot. Barry grabs some rat poison and injects it into Oliver's blood stream (because that will apparently make his blood stop being the consistency of maple syrup). Meanwhile, Oliver is so close to death that he is imagining Shado, who urges him to let go and stay with her (where exactly he would be joining her, we're not entirely sure but our instincts are telling us it's probably not good).

Oliver wakes up and is pissed off that his secret identity has been revealed (again). At what number of people in the know, is your secret identity not really a secret identity anymore? Oliver berates Felicity for making a tough choice and trusting Barry when his true identity wasn't her secret to tell. To be fair, when Oliver says he doesn't trust Barry, he does have some good reasons-the kid did lie to him and Felicity and a host of other people but Oliver is also King (or Queen) of lies and come on Oliver, give Felicity a break, she made a tough call (which ended up saving Oliver's life). Barry steps in and stands up for Felicity and Oliver backs off and heads home because he's got bigger fish to fry.

At the Queen mansion, Thea has locked herself in her room but don't worry, it's more than just teenage angst that's hiding out behind the door-Roy has been shot in the leg with an Arrow and of course they all think it was the Arrow that did it. Roy won't go to the hospital because he doesn't want to get the Cops involved so Oliver dumps some alcohol on the wound and pulls the Arrow out with his bare hands. He warns them that maybe the Arrow shot Roy because he was trying to keep Roy out of trouble.

Shado is back to warn Oliver that he can't fight what's coming so he should stop fighting. Except it turns out she's not actually there, she's just a figment of his imagination. Maybe it's the rat poison that's making him see possibly prophetic images?


Ivo has found the Mirakuru, or "Miracle" serum, which is what he came to the island for. So it wouldn't be far-fetched to assume he'd get back on his ship and sail away. Except Ivo is a severely Twisted man, so instead he marches them out, and makes Oliver choose between Sarah and Shado. Oliver begs him to reconsider but there's no reasoning with Ivo, at the last second Oliver jumps in front of Sarah, which Ivo takes as his decision, and the bastard shoots Shado in the head. Characters do have a way of coming back on this show but we have a feelings the only time Shado is coming back is in Oliver's hallucinations.


Diggle's investigation into the man did not exactly go swimmingly-the man basically picked him up and shook him around like he was a rag doll, so on to plan B: Oliver calls in his (or rather the Arrow's) ally-Officer Lance-up to a rooftop to talk business. He warns him that this man is dangerous and he shouldn't hesitate to kill him.

Laurel is back! Sin and Thea are at the station to ask if Laurel will look into Sin's friend Max that went missing. They don't believe he actually died from an overdose considering he was giving blood at the time. Laurel looks into it and finds that it's true that Max was a donor and that all the blood donors were subjected to a Psych evaluation. Unfortunately, that means there's no way to find out if Max was using or not without a warrant.

In the Arrow cave, Barry is calling Felicity on her BS; she told him she didn't have a ginormous crush on Oliver but he says he would totally understand the "why" if she did. He's a billionaire, a hero and oh so dreamy, Barry gushes. Okay we made up that last one. But he might as well have said it. Felicity thinks so too when she throws back, "It sounds like you want to date him." Well, we would certainly not be opposed to that. But Barry's not actually in love with Oliver, he just understands what it's like to like someone who doesn't return your feelings.

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