BWW JR: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

August 14
11:46 2012

BWW JR: The Odd Life of Timothy Green


Limbo is coming.  That long, seemingly endless expanse of time between the end of camp and the start of school.  Some of us are lucky enough to be vacationing, but some of us are trapped.  In the heat.  Listening to that ongoing, juvenile chant: "I'm bored.  I'm bored.  I'm bored."  In some cultures children say "What do I do NOW?" but it's all the same meaning: For the last two weeks of August through Labor Day, families need activities.  Preferably ones that involve air conditioning.  In the often fruitless search for movies you can actually enjoy with your kids, it's always nice to hit the jackpot, and tomorrow movie-goers across the country just may: The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a movie you can actually enjoy with your kids.  And it will take up whole hour and 45 minutes.  Plus previews.

The film touches on some of my favorite topics: Anti-bullying, celebrating individuality and adoption.  Although as an adoptive mom I must share that the way the film portrays the adoption process is full of factual errors, but since it's a film about a miraculous garden child with leaves growing out of his ankles, I gather we are meant to suspend our disbelief. 

Timothy embodies all the characteristics we hope for, for our children and for ourselves: kindness, a great sense of humor, imagination and an unshakeable faith in the goodness of human kind.  That combined with parents who are so well-meaning they fall on top of themselves trying to "get it right" (and never quite do), make for a genuinely funny film that is touching and appealing.

Best for kids ages seven and up, the movie does deal with the issue of infertility but in a way that is appropriate for kids while possibly difficult for adults to talk about (depending on your persona experience).  And as I mentioned, the whole adoption scenario is straight out of the 1950's.  But the entire film is so romanticized (they live in a picturesque little town where it is always fall and the trees are always in peak bloom), you allow for discrepancies.

After a summer of what I can best describe as "crap TV", I'm thrilled that my eight year old daughter and I spent an afternoon with this endearing and funny film that is perfect for kids and parents to enjoy together.  So if you're not fortunate enough to have "Are we there yet?" and you are stuck home with "What do I do NOW?", here's something that will keep everyone busy for at least a little while!


  • A great film for parents and kids to enjoy together this summer.
  • Best for kids ages 7 and up.
  • Opens August 15th.
  • For more info visit the show's website.
  • Far better than Crap TV.

BWW JR: The Odd Life of Timothy Green



BWW JR: The Odd Life of Timothy Green



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