BIO: God doesn’t put dreams in people’s hearts if he doesn’t intend to make them a reality.” -Rachel Potter Country music recording artist and Broadway star Rachel Potter is not afraid to dream. With t... (read more...)

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6/16 @ 7:57 PM
therachelpotter - The problem with baking a cake for yourself is that you have to eat the whole thing yourself. Oh wait- that's not a problem! ????
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6/11 @ 7:51 PM
therachelpotter - I love you tooooo!!! ???? https://t.co/8qVfas9Ky6
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6/11 @ 7:32 PM
therachelpotter - That's a wrap! Many thanks to @GrantThorntonUS ?? #SupportingCast https://t.co/94CVIb26ZK
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