First Indigogo Film BULLY BEATDOWN Dedicated to Stop Bullying

First Indigogo Film BULLY BEATDOWN Dedicated to Stop Bullying

A new film project, Bully Beatdown is one of the latest projects that are forecasted to trend on Indiegogo in the arena of up and coming underground films. As the title implies, it focuses on bringing light to a topic that has been consistently being pushed to the back of the bus, "Bullying."

The film's concept is the product of a few individuals, most notably Peter Harris, a child actor who has been acting for 4 years. Harris himself had been bullied while in the third grade and has encountered several instances in which other students went through similar experiences.

"I feel great about this film," stated Harris when asked about his position on this new project. Quite surprisingly this innovative idea of a film all sprung from a subtle conversation at a diner, to having the initial script written out on a diner napkin!

Through the film's in-depth case studies and first hand experiences, Harris plans on making a clear cut image to the public of the seriousness of Bullying that is taking place in schools around the nation. Bullying has not only become an issue that is affecting children in schools, but also in their academic endeavors.

According to Harris, the film has already been attached to an award winning director and has already set a preliminary budget of $500,000. Currently, the film is in its pre-production stage and is seeking funding via Indiegogo to meet the budget set forth by the director.

The Bully Beatdown team is looking to start shooting locally sometime this year and has set high hopes for the success of this film. As a result, a majority of the expenses that will be involved within the filming of the first episode will be paid for by the personal fundraising of the Bully Beat Down Team. As anyone can imagine this will be extremely expensive, especially since Harris hopes to get his vision on to networks like The Family channel or showtime. Fortunately the film's funding page is live on Indiegogo and is open to the public to contribute.

About "Bully Beatdown"

"Bully Beatdown" is an under-ground film project put together by Peter Harris a child actor from Tewksbury, Massachusetts and aims to bring to light the sensitive yet alarming issue of Bullying within our school-systems. For more information please visit:

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