Mariachi Troupe Brings Comedy And Music To Crown Point, 3/15

Mariachi Troupe Brings Comedy And Music To Crown Point, 3/15

When most of us think of having a party, we plan to have a huge crowd, plenty of food and drink, and some great entertainment; be it music, a magician, or even a petting zoo, there must be enough entertainment for guests until the party ends. It just happens to be that Crown Point Community Theatre is going to throw their own comedic fiesta by hosting Los Improviachis, the world's only improvised mariachi band, on Saturday March 15th starting at 8 PM at 1125 Merrillville Road, Crown Point, IN. Tickets are $10.

Los Improviachis is the musical improvisation arm of Salsation Theatre Company, Chicago longest running Latino comedy company of 15 years specializing in improvisation and sketch comedy. "We're incredibly excited to have been invited to come by the great folks at CPCT," says Nelson Velazquez, Salsation's Artistic Director and lead musical director for Los Improviachis. "Not many people have been exposed to improvisational theatre before let alone musical improv. We are doing something completely unique in that not only are we improvising scenes amongst ourselves but we're also improvising the music, the choreography, and the lyrics as well all wrapped within the rich context of mariachi music and culture. Every one of our actors are musicians as well and we also get the crowd heavily involved in the show just like what tends to happen at many restaurants with mariachi bands playing," he adds.

Crown Point Community Theatre, now in their 10th year, is well known in northwest Indiana for the many plays and musicals they perform every season. Board President Joe Culley feels that, "the partnership between CPCT and Salsation seems to be a natural, organic fit that benefits the arts in the area. We want to show the northwest Indiana area that CPCT is more than just plays and musicals. We're a part of the community and bringing in Los Improviachis is a good way for us to reach out to our community with something new and exciting. It fits perfectly within our own plans to expand and diversify our own programming."

For more information on Salsation Theatre Company and Los Improviachis, call (773) 828-9117, e-mail, or visit For more information on Crown Point Theatre Company, call (219) 805-4255, email, or visit

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