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  • Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act  Mar 31 2015, 06:56:51 PM
    Oh, good lord, the man apologized. He's trying to be more understanding. Continuing to ride his a$$ makes you look like a bully.

    Change is not easy for anyone.
  • Help With a Title?  Mar 31 2015, 08:31:03 AM
    You're welcome....IS that the play?
  • Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act  Mar 31 2015, 08:26:07 AM
    The law doesn't go into effect until June or July, I believe.

    But there was a report of a business refusing to serve what they believed to be a gay couple.
  • Help With a Title?  Mar 30 2015, 01:59:03 PM
    PS Your Cat is Dead.

    I don't know the play very well, but I do know that one or two characters are gay.
  • Website Update  Mar 24 2015, 05:35:21 AM
    What exactly seems to be wrong with it??
  • LOOKING - Season 2  Mar 23 2015, 07:27:51 PM
    It certainly didn't FEEL like a finale.
  • Legally Blonde Audition  Mar 20 2015, 07:48:50 PM
    Shill. Note this idiot trying to make money.
  • My Best College Audition Song!  Mar 20 2015, 07:47:32 PM
    If either if you were doing cent shills, you'd know this board gets no activity.
  • Casting directors  Mar 15 2015, 07:04:08 PM
    Oh, child.

    WHY would you think that 1. there are any casting people here or that 2. they would give you professional advice for free???

    Have you even LOOKED at this site, to see how it works? People snark almost as much as talk about the entertainment business. And that nearly always has a tendancy to turn nasty.

  • Sound of Music to turn 50 - Film  Mar 9 2015, 05:48:30 AM

    It's not like that's a little known fact. It was even a major point of the Oscars.
  • Can you hear this?  Mar 3 2015, 09:58:02 AM
    If I turned the volume up, I could hear all but the last single sound. My teenage daughter, however, is in the room and they were PAINFUL and WEIRD for her to hear. It was pretty funny to watch her squirm.
  • Shatner Disses Nimoy  Mar 2 2015, 05:49:41 AM
    Basically it's none of your damn business! Who are you to pass judgement? You should be ashamed of yourself, truly.

  • What famous person will you cry for when they die?  Feb 28 2015, 04:24:39 AM
    I don't think I've ever cried for a celebrity. Can't imagine I will. I've felt sadness, few a few minutes, but that's about it.
  • Another way to support BC/EFA  Feb 22 2015, 02:44:44 PM
    Just ran across this if anyone is interested.

    (Actually, if you poke around, you could have your purchase support an organization of your choice.)

  • they should have kept jeremy  Feb 22 2015, 08:05:09 AM
    I'm guessing/hoping that you ddnt realize you started a new thread on the OFF topic board?

    Do you know what scapegoat means? JJ in no way has been a scapegoat.
  • EMMY AWARD FUTURE CHANGES  Feb 22 2015, 06:46:37 AM
    The only one that springs to mind, now that you mention it, is LOOKING. So, that rather negates my point.
  • My Name  Feb 22 2015, 06:40:13 AM
    My. Name. Is. Rachel.

    Let's take does Jorge DRINK or only get to go online when mum and dad fall asleep?
  • Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)  Feb 21 2015, 10:47:51 AM
    This spoof is too, too cute!
  • EMMY AWARD FUTURE CHANGES  Feb 21 2015, 10:27:57 AM
    Or is it more to keep 1/2 dramas from competeing with the longer format? Does seem odd, no matter what the reasoning.
  • Farewell Betty...RIP  Feb 21 2015, 10:25:23 AM