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  • How do I post??? Help pls  Aug 20 2016, 07:44:37 AM

    Also, it doesn't matter WHICH "reply" button you click.  So, if you are replying to a specific post, it's better to use the quote button (but type  your reply AFTER the closing quotation mark) or to mention the poster by name.

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Aug 17 2016, 10:32:35 PM

    The jury house is too claustrophobic?  I th nought it was a pretty nice place.   He's a moron.

  • BrainDead  Aug 17 2016, 08:08:19 AM

    After I posted that I don't pay much attention  to ratings, I did go and seek them out for this show.  And, sadly, I agree with Jordan. This might be the last of what we get.  

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Aug 15 2016, 11:10:59 AM

    Self evict???  So he'd rather quit, then be sent out? What a baby.  

    Of course, there's a darn good chance he could win POV.  

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Aug 9 2016, 12:32:24 PM

    This came across my fb feed.  Sad that high school behavior hasn't changed for many.



  • BrainDead  Aug 9 2016, 12:28:38 PM

    As its intent?   I don't think so......I'm sure its future is dependent on ratings.  (which I don't follow)


    The two black supporting actors are adorable.  Nikki James (Tony Winner from Book of Mormon) and Johnny Ray Gill?    They make me smile just being on the screen.

  • BrainDead  Aug 7 2016, 11:01:33 PM

    Damn, that was good!

  • BrainDead  Jul 11 2016, 10:39:49 PM



    Not too much suprises me, but THAT sure did!

    Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

    Abby committing suicide!


  • BrainDead  Jul 11 2016, 06:11:14 PM

    Who's watching tonight??   Too excited.

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Jul 8 2016, 10:55:20 AM

    What did I miss?? What treatment are you talking about?

  • Interns fired en masse for protesting dress code  Jul 2 2016, 11:26:34 AM

    My guess is that its more about HOW they handled it then it is about their desire for a less strict dress code.  But even so:  they TOOK the internship knowing the rules.  Their business, their rules.


    They probably spent more time preparing their request then they did actually doing their work.  


    I'm not a fan of unpaid intern work, either -- unless they are still students and getting both experience AND college credits.  

  • Interns fired en masse for protesting dress code  Jul 2 2016, 10:24:26 AM

    But, but, but.....they wrote it down. And they don't want to follow rules.


    Good for the company.

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Jul 1 2016, 12:29:30 PM

    His righteous claims in his Julie interview were just as ignorant.  I lost track of how may words he used incorrectly.  (I kind of hate that he'll have a chance back into the house.)

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Jul 1 2016, 06:19:39 AM

    that was incredibly satisfying!  I love that so many in the house were gobsmacked...especially Jozea!  

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Jun 30 2016, 10:52:11 AM

    How does one get this delusional this fast?  They've been in the house for one week!  You could almost feel EVERYONE in that room thinking he was being a pompous idiot. 


    AND.....since She Loves Me is streaming tonight, most of us wont be watching BB's eviction until much later!

  • Best Performing Arts Schools?  Jun 29 2016, 10:28:07 PM

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Jun 29 2016, 10:01:48 PM

    GAAAAH.  If Jozeah survives, I will be seriously unhappy.  Great episode, though.

  • Waitress  Jun 29 2016, 09:51:26 PM

    bob8rich said: "Loved WAITRESS when I saw it on Broadway last November - genuinely  funny and quite touching in all the right places. Jessie Mueller was fantastic but for me the real star of this show is Sarah Bareilles' seriously awesome score!



    Waitress wasn't playing on Broadway in only started previews in March.  It wasn't playing ANYWHERE in November.

  • BrainDead  Jun 28 2016, 10:54:17 AM

    YES!  I said that very thing about Winstead last night to my son.

  • BrainDead  Jun 27 2016, 11:06:21 PM

    Loving this more with each episode.


    The cat!