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  • This Is Us  Sep 24 2016, 04:09:31 PM

    Watched it last night and really liked it more than I expected.  A very strong pilot/opening episode.  And I agree entirely with  NYADGirl - my 2 favs.  (But I've only watched 4!)

  • Designated Survivor  Sep 24 2016, 04:06:38 PM

    Yes, South Florida, caught up.  As in: it aired several days before I watched it.  (Although I assume I didn't mean to type the "up".)  The rest of your post makes little sense to me.


    To everyone else:  I agree.  Smart, well done.  I was surprised how moved I was about a number of things....even when its part of the premise.  I thought the direction, camera work and acting were top notch, although I felt the writing dropped

  • Designated Survivor  Sep 23 2016, 09:12:30 PM

    Just caught up with this tonight.....thought it was pretty terrific.

  • The good place  Sep 23 2016, 09:06:38 PM

    It was just ok.....I was looking forward to it, too.

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Sep 22 2016, 05:31:51 PM

    I was also surprised by Paulie's vote!  I, too, was thrilled for Nicole.   I thought once Paulie won HOH, it was over no matter who he put up.  Glad to have been wrong.

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Sep 22 2016, 04:23:22 PM

    Soooo....what did y'all think about the finale?   While totally and unnecessarily drawn out, I was still surprised by the outcome.   Not only the choice of a "running mate" but also the winner.

  • Shopping for boys  Sep 20 2016, 02:23:26 PM

    MADBRIAN....thanks again for your suggestion of the Escape Room.  We booked one here in Boston, (same company as the NY one) and he's pretty excited by it!

  • Kristin Chenowith On A Strange Game w/ Sarah Palin??  Sep 20 2016, 02:22:02 PM

    Not update for the double was always there.    

  • Patti Murin Picks The Emmy Winners  Sep 18 2016, 03:43:44 PM

    I wouldn't care about her Tony picks, either.

  • Shopping for boys  Sep 18 2016, 03:14:21 PM

    ^Well, those are...interesting.   We don't spend hundreds of dollars on gifts, don't know many families that do. A hundred, sure....sometimes even up to two.  And his college fund is also not a birthday gift.  




  • Shopping for boys  Sep 17 2016, 08:41:31 AM

    WhizzerMarvin said: "When I saw this title I thought, wow she's going from drama mama to sugar mama. Well, good for her! We all deserve a little fun in our lives!"

    Lol...if only my life were so interesting!


    He actually bought himself a wallet last year!  


    I appreciate all the suggestions. So keep them coming!

  • Shopping for boys  Sep 17 2016, 07:35:22 AM

    Madbrian, those both sound like great ideas.  Seems we have escaped rooms in Boston, too!



  • Shopping for boys  Sep 17 2016, 07:14:26 AM

    madbrian said: "Consider tickets to Accomplice, or maybe an escape room. Also, consider rewording your title. It could be taken a couple of ways. 



    Bwahaha....I'll likely get MORE views this way!

  • Shopping for boys  Sep 16 2016, 10:00:25 PM

    So, my son turns 16 in a few days, and you know what's on his birthday list?  Nothing.   I'll be in the city tomorrow, so does anyone have any suggestions for unique shopping.  We already go to see many bway shows (which he loves) so that's not really an option and the only thing he's "into" is computer games.


    Anyone have any suggestions for funky shopping...or even a unique gift idea?  Which can definitely include NYC

  • Colin Powell, my new hero, even though I m a Dem!  Sep 15 2016, 09:14:27 AM

    I'd actually consider giving him my vote.  (and I've never voted for a Republican in my life.)

  • TASTY Videos (cooking)!  Sep 15 2016, 09:13:27 AM

    I've often gotten IDEAS from them, but usually don't follow their recipe directly.  


    I do like their vids.

  • Hillary's Pneumonia  Sep 12 2016, 04:04:16 PM

    South Florida said: "Isn't pneumonia somewhat contagious?  Why was she not being more careful?  Is this what we can expect of her foreign policy, spreading contagions across the globe? sad





    Being more careful?   How.  If she took a sick day before now, the media and the trump campaign would

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Aug 27 2016, 01:57:26 PM

    Info obtained!  (With thanks!)

  • BB18 starts tonight!  Aug 27 2016, 10:38:53 AM

    But just proved further what an ass he is.  Usually when people get to the JH, they drop their pretenses.   He doesn't have any.


    Could someone that watches the feeds PM me and tell me which jury member got back in the house?  

  • How do I post??? Help pls  Aug 20 2016, 07:44:37 AM

    Also, it doesn't matter WHICH "reply" button you click.  So, if you are replying to a specific post, it's better to use the quote button (but type  your reply AFTER the closing quotation mark) or to mention the poster by name.


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