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  • FLOTUS' Cyber Bullying Initiative  Feb 18 2017, 04:44:33 PM

    And I type corrected....they spent ALMOST as much in one moth as the Obama's did in one year.


    Here ya'l go

  • FLOTUS' Cyber Bullying Initiative  Feb 18 2017, 02:21:22 PM

    An article came across my feed staring that the Trump's have already had more taxpayer  $ spent in them in this first month than the Obama's had in their first YEAR.  Cant veeify if that's actually true or not.  


    Will go back to look for the article 

  • FLOTUS' Cyber Bullying Initiative  Feb 17 2017, 11:29:29 AM

    1.  I'm not a fan.

    2.  It's been a MONTH.  Sheesh.

  • Melanie Wants To Profit From Being First Lady  Feb 7 2017, 04:17:04 PM

    I don't hate the media.  At all.

  • A Call for Civility and Respect, Going Forward  Feb 7 2017, 07:45:03 AM

    BroadwayConcierge said: "Thank you very much, yankeefan7, BroadwayRox, hork, MichelleCraig, SweetLips, Margo, and Petra for your thoughtful and kind responses

    PalJoey, I wish you might actually read what I wrote. My post was a plea to curtail the negativity associated with responses such as yours. I recognize that our political opposition exists (on nearly all fronts, at that), but you have certainly posted

  • Super Bowl LI Thread  Feb 5 2017, 11:17:26 PM

    A-MAZING.   What a final quarter, and, of course, overtime.   Now I can sleep.

  • A message for Petralicious  Feb 4 2017, 11:54:13 AM

    yankeefan7 said: "First, I dislike any thread calling out a particular poster. If you don't like their posts, then just ignore them. I know there are other sites that have "ignore" feature where you don't see what that person posts. Don't know if there is anything like that on this board.



    There certainly is: the block feature you can access through your settings.   It works quite well.

  • Boy Scouts open membership to transgender children  Jan 31 2017, 01:41:26 AM

    Surprising, but welcome!


    And yes, Trump will fire the Boy Scouts.

  • Audition song for heavier set soprano  Jan 29 2017, 01:25:00 PM

    Shy  from Once Upon a Mattress

  • Trump's Wall  Jan 26 2017, 04:26:36 AM

    1.  No, but he'll lie and say they did.

  • Tomorrow's executive orders include the Muslim ban  Jan 25 2017, 06:01:30 AM

    God help us all.   

  • Best music/musician documentaries?  Jan 24 2017, 07:35:38 AM

    maybe not quite what you are looking for, but fascinating nonetheless...Jared Leto's "Artifact."

  • 89th Academy Awards Thread  Jan 24 2017, 07:26:11 AM

    Didn't even realize that the announcements happened thanks for the thread!  


    Looks like I can catch them no prob....streaming at

  • Dance Moms and Housewives  Jan 23 2017, 12:39:50 PM

    It's glorified by its ratings.  Whether we make fun of it or not, it IS glorifying the behavior, the substance of the shows.


    I think a simple example is what became of Real World.  The first season or two were earnest and thought provoking.  Then people (producers and cast wannabees alike) started outdoing the season before: more drinking, more hook ups, more fights....etc.   

    It's highly schandenfreude, but since it endorses the be

  • WH Petition to force Trump to release his taxes  Jan 23 2017, 12:34:40 PM

    Which is exactly WHY signing it is important.  Because they LIE, they lie all the time.  We need to prove that its a lie.

  • Cory Booker is not your friend  Jan 15 2017, 08:40:23 AM


    Or that you shouldn't jump you conclusions

  • I need a musical song that exactly has 32 measures  Jan 1 2017, 09:41:08 PM

    That doesn't mean the entire song can only be 32 measures...that simply means you CHOOSE 32 measures to sing.  You pick a section that shows your voice off the best.  

  • William Christopher has passed away  Jan 1 2017, 07:08:53 AM

    RIP Father Mulcahey.  

  • Mariah Carey new years eve performance  Jan 1 2017, 07:07:51 AM

    Heck...from what I saw, she could barely walk without assistance.


    I'm not sure I can see how she was set up to fail.  Performers know how to lip synch.  It's not like she was a last minute replacement.  

    Many performers won't sing in the cold.

  • Best Burgers in NYC?  Dec 29 2016, 05:59:50 PM

    I forgot about bare burger! Was there the last time I was I  the city....loved my burger!