ZALOR Offers Off-world Futuristic Theme

ZALOR Offers Off-world Futuristic Theme

When you are thrust into a world away from your own all the while being confronted with threats far from what you have imagined, would you be courageous enough to face far more greater dangers just to uncover what was and what can save two worlds? Find out as author Kim VanOver pens a fast-paced and futuristic off-world novel that will surely excite all scientific-fiction aficionados.

"Zalor" is a planet that will be the stage of Kim VanOver's new magnificent tale. In this story, readers will follow a twenty-first century reporter as he finds romance and adventure while working for a newspaper on an Earth colony in this distant planet. As Earth is running low in energy supply and Zalorian crystals proved to be a great source of electricity from solar energy, this will become a quest for the reporter to find out how to properly send information back to Earth amidst the threats of greed, corrupt government and the secrets of planet Zalor.

While there are metaphysical and environmental themes, "Zalor" is largely a fast-paced action story filled with spirited, unique, and colorful characters. Following a frontier theme, this gritty tale is peppered with creative futuristic technology and supernatural manifestations that will sure to hype up the excitement while reading. Linking the future with the past, while examining present day issues ranging from the abuse of power to the conflicts seen in personal relationships, VanOver has chosen the right place where to plot all the twists and turns of this thrilling read. For readers who enjoy an exciting, science-fiction story, "Zalor" will not be a disappointment.

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