Young Australian Entrepreneur Releases '5 Minute Business'

Imagine you and an old friend are catching up over a few drinks. Your friend mentions that he's got this crazy business idea, but he has no idea if it'd work or how he might actually make it into a real, profitable business.

When your friend tells you the idea, you nearly fall off your chair. It's that good.

If this sounds familiar, consider this: How would your life change if you could bring that idea to life in five minutes? What might happen if you could actually give it the kick-start it deserves to get the ball rolling?

This is exactly what Mark Middo did when his longtime business partner came to him with a golden business ideahe brought it to life in five minutes. The idea was for an online voting system called Reminisce, which nightclubs would use to allow patrons to vote for what songs they wanted to hear on a certain night.

This wasn't the first time Middo had done something like this. Before helping his partner, he developed his own idea, brought the concept to life inyou guessed itfive minutes, and sold the online business for six figures in under three months. Not bad for a guy in his mid 20's.

"I believe freedom can be built online, and I would like to share my framework to help people do something they love rather than trading their precious time on this earth for money through the outdated 9-5," says Middo, a self-proclaimed Growth Hacker. "I was lucky enough to escape the 9-5 by applying these techniques, and I want to share them with the world."

For those keen to get a jump on these techniques, Mark Middo gives you the tools to do just that in his new book, 5 Minute Business. When released last week the book quickly rocketed to #6 in the Entrepreneurship category on Amazon, gracing some amazing reviews from the early readers. Now the book has settled in the top 100.

Want a look inside the revolutionary 5 Minute Business? The first chapter can be downloaded for free at:

After reading Middo's thoughts and getting a peek inside his online marketing genius, readers will see that it's no wonder why he is one of the most sought-after online marketers, period. Mark Middo has helped boost the online revenue for some of the largest brands in the worldincluding Formula 1, MotoGP, Mizuno & McDonald'sand several Fortune 500 businesses have him on speed dial. With a blend of grass roots and big budget experience, it's fair to say that this is a man knows how to send online profits skyrocketing.


Mark Middo is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, results-obsessed online marketer and quintessential growth hacker. He is the founder of Social Empire and Reminisce Entertainment two successful online start-ups.


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