When Daddy Comes Home' is Released

When Daddy Comes Home' is Released

Midland, TX

When Karolyn Rogers was only 5 years old, she unknowingly entered a lifelong journey of acceptance involving just one of America's fallen heroes, as detailed in her new book, "When Daddy Comes Home."

The book reflects the plight of many families of service members, detailing her journey of healing through researching her father's family and military experience.

"My father, Pfc. Tom T. Wilmeth - one of America's fallen heroes died in the waning days of World War II. For most of my life, I felt a haunting absence and the grief of wondering about what my life might have been like had he survived the war," Rogers says. "Of course, I'm just one of the millions of family members who have lost a loved one to our country's military campaigns."

Sadly, "When Daddy Comes Home" remains a poignant example for so many young families today who grieve one of America's fallen heroes, she says.

"While the book has the outline of an autobiography, it is much more than that, it is the reconciliation of a young girl to the fact that her father left and never came home," writes Amazon reviewer Charles Ashbacher, who gave the book five stars.

"It took over 60 years, but the author was finally able to come to terms with a sad fact that she shared with thousands of others. As she points out, the contact she made with other children made fatherless by the war did a great deal to aid her. Stories like this are one more consequence of wars, those that are killed leave behind people that cannot understand why and have no choice but to get on with it. Rogers does a very good job in explaining her life and how she lived it after her daddy left to go to war."

About Karolyn Rogers

Karolyn Rogers lost her father when she was a small child. Pfc. Tom T. Wilmeth was killed during Gen. Patton's advance on Berlin in the waning days of World War II. The loss devastated her family and left Rogers with a lingering void, until she began researching her father's life. She learned her dad earned the Purple Heart and many other decorations, he was a loving and caring husband and father, as evidenced by the many letters he sent from Europe to his family in Oklahoma. With the hope of inspiring others who've suffered loss, Rogers has built a chapel in memory of Pfc. Tom T. Wilmeth and has recently published "When Daddy Comes Home," (

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