UUA Bookstore Presents THE GENEROSITY PATH by Mark V. Ewert

UUA Bookstore Presents THE GENEROSITY PATH by Mark V. Ewert

Financial giving can be a spiritual path. We have a deep potential for meaning-making and life satisfaction when we transform ourselves from occasional, haphazard donors to deliberate, ambitious philanthropists.

With easy-to-read guidance, The Generosity Path sheds new light on our finances-connecting money to our values, beliefs, and loves and promoting skills and strategies in charitable giving.

Starting from a personal place, Ewert helps readers find clarity in their own experience and focus on their areas of passion to build a plan of action. Inspiring personal stories help demonstrate the development of financial generosity, the challenges involved, and the deeper benefits we all might expect from being more intentional with our giving.

This practical yet wise volume also features information about collective giving in a community setting, family, or giving circle. Ideal for religious and civic organizations,The Generosity Path includes a discussion guide for group use. Purchase your copy today.

Did you know that individual Americans gave away over $228 billion dollars last year? That's more than corporations and foundations gave away--combined. How much money did you give away last year? And how did you decide how much to give?

Watch this video to learn how The Generosity Pathcan help you use tools you already have to make a meaningful impact with your charitable contributions.

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