This Week at Bookworks Includes Andrew Guilford, Sarah Stark and More

This Week at Bookworks Includes Andrew Guilford, Sarah Stark and More

This week at Bookworks includes Andrew Guilford with Outdoors in the Southwest, Sarah Stark with Out There, and more. There are also many events for kids like Story Time - Bed Time Math! and more. Visit for more information.

Saturday, June 5
3pm • Andrew Guilford • Outdoors in the Southwest
More college students than ever are majoring in Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Education, or Adventure Education, but fewer and fewer Americans spend any time in thoughtful, respectful engagement with wilderness.

Sunday, July 6
3pm • Sarah Stark • Out There
Jefferson Long Soldier, a young Army veteran of Native descent returns home safely from Iraq, and is convinced that the novel he carried with him over the ocean and across the desert (One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez) saved his life. Jefferson attempts to reclaim his peaceful life in Santa Fe, but the heart-breaking memories of war will not be quelled.

Thursday, July 10
6pm • Lucy Lippard • Undermining
Award-winning author, curator, and activist Lucy R. Lippard is one of America's most influential writers on contemporary art, a pioneer in the fields of cultural geography, conceptualism, and feminist art.

Friday, July 11
1pm • 2nd Cup of Coffee Book Club • Carla's Rivet by Nicole Gramlich at The Coffee Shop 700 2nd NW
Purchase the book at Bookworks for a 10% discount. This is a fictional account of a homeless woman and the terrifying scenes of life on the streets.

Saturday, July 12
3pm • Jane Lindskold • Artemis Awakening
Artemis Awakening is the start of a new series by New York Times bestseller Jane Lindskold. The distant world Artemis is a pleasure planet created out of bare rock by a technologically advanced human empire that provided its richest citizens with a veritable Eden to play in.

5pm • Pamela Windo • Him Through Me
In the fall of 1969, two months after the Woodstock festival, a young man leaves America and returns home to England. He knocks at the door of a girl he'd known in school. Gary has paid his dues as a saxophone player in New York City's jazz clubs and sets his sights on rousing the British music scene. Pam has traveled in Europe and North Africa, has two young sons, and has just left her marriage in suburbia.

For Kids

Thursday, July 3
10:30am • Story Time - Bed Time Math!
Try your hand at light stick sculptures for a Bedtime Math Story time! Why not attend decked out in your favorite pjs?!

Wednesday, July 9
4:30pm • Sammy Keyes Book Club!
Bookworks premiers a new Sammy Keyes mystery book club with teh first of the series, Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief, by Wendelin Van Draanen. Book club purchases receive 10% off.

Thursday, July 10
10:30am • Teddy Bear Picnic Story Time
Teddy Bear Picnic. Bring your teddy bear and join us for bear stories with Contessa Connie.

Saturday, July 12
10:30am • I Can Read Story Time
Perfect for those young readers just getting started reading on their own and who like just a few words on the page with pictures too!