Theodore Christudoss Releases Soul of America Not for Sale

Theodore Christudoss Releases Soul of America Not for Sale

Theodore Christudoss, an immigrant author, has released a new book, Soul of America Not for Sale, a work of non-fiction. He holds a Master's degree in English Literature and also Theology. Almost all contemporary issues are presented and analyzed and discussed in an informal and refreshingly informative way illustrated with personal experiences that are unique, enlightening and illuminating.

In this book, Theodore Christudoss, a self-published author, touches on a variety of subjects. The neutrality or otherwise of the Supreme Court of America in the light of the most recent controversial verdicts, terrorism and its ramifications, financial meltdown, outsourcing, illegal aliens and unemployment, pro-life/pro-choice issues, homosexuality, violence and gun culture, and family in transition are some of the topics it deals with. The whole nation is grappling with these issues today. This book will hopefully offer food for thought on these subjects and many more. He also touches on national and international politics, as they impinge on these subjects. He digs deep to bring out the root cause behind them all. Cornelius Jayasingh, a prominent retired company executive, says, "The broad sweep of the issues it grapples with is awesome and the ingenuous insights it has to offer are worthy of everyone's attention.'

Also analyzed are the broken healthcare system, racial conflicts dividing the American society, a pluralism rendered void under the pretext of inclusiveness, devaluation of values, sexual predation of children both online and in public places, church at the cross roads and other social/cultural/religious issues. He climaxes them all with a daring glimpse into the far distant future. There is a diagnosis, a prognosis and a praxis for action. It has nine illustrations and sixteen chapters. It is a book for those who wish to reflect on matters that matter so that they can make constructive and meaningful contribution towards nation building, transforming America into the great and glorious nation it is destined to be.

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Soul of America Not for Sale. Paperback 5" x 8" Pages 270 Price $14.95 Available at all the book stores in USA/Canada and elsewhere.

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