'The Westbury Window' is Released

'The Westbury Window' is Released

Westbury, England

After discovering, by observation and interpretation, a series of coded messages, ciphers, symbols, mathematical equations, diagrams and representations that had been hidden in the artwork of a stained glass window for 140 years, author John Powell reveals all the insights, implications, accusations, and controversies that have marked importance and presents new evidence about questions of national significance.

"The Westbury Window" is a most remarkable sectarian homily coded in ciphers and symbols, layered with scientific concepts and moralistic censure, conceived in more than four dimensions and executed so. It is an astronomical conundrum, an astrological timepiece, an alchemist's inspiration and an advocacy for restructuring time that sources its content from the ancient Chaldeans and Egyptians to the earliest Hebrew and Greek cultures and from Reformation Europe to the cosmological constant.

As readers will continue unraveling the mysteries of the past through "The Westbury Window", they will see that it houses a number of controversies including: a new take on the Shakespearean authorship question; a mocking of the tragic Edwin Henry Landseer; harsh judgments of the self-obsessed Isaac Newton and James Watt; and an association with the Castle of King Arthur, to name a few.

Eye-opening, the myriad of information and arguments unveiled in "The Westbury Window" provides a concrete pathway to a deeper understanding of the events of the past; ultimately leading to a better comprehension of the present and the future.