'The Running Evolution' Inspires Readers to Run for Health

From being an overweight smoker, author Tom Bernard was able to transform himself into a competitive marathon racer, and has maintained a high fitness level throughout his 30 years of running, which has included 40 marathons and over 70,000 road miles. This drastic change in his life unsurprisingly brought with it vastly higher levels of health and happiness, and in his new book, he shares his journey and a whole array of advice to readers everywhere, to aid them in "The Running Evolution."

His book chronicles his personal experiences with getting up off the couch and dedicating himself to running and fitness while balancing family and career responsibilities. This is not an easy feat, but through force of will and wit Bernard was able to do it, turning himself into a lean and mean running machine. By recounting his experiences, particularly the challenges and solutions involved in starting out as a beginner runner, he also shows readers how to incorporate running at any level into their lives. Then when they begin their fitness routines, Bernard shows them how these can evolve and grow over time, challenging them to move further and faster than they ever thought possible.

This is a chronicle of an evolutionary process that has spanned more than 33 years, encompassing various stages of life and personal development. With his experiences changing from a couch potato into a seasoned marathon racer, and how he dealt with growing older, Bernard makes for an ideal life coach for readers everywhere no matter what stage of life they may be in right now. This book is for everyone who aspires to gain higher levels of fitness and wellness in their lives by partaking in "The Running Evolution."

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