The Books of 'Millennium 3' by Author Christopher D. Corran are Available Now

May 19
6:29 2014
The Books of 'Millennium 3' by Author Christopher D. Corran are Available Now

In the first book, "DARK - Millennium 3", Eber meets people he knew in his mortal life and some who lived and died before he was born. He experiences both the Dark region of unenlightened spirits, and the Light region sheltering those who have progressed into this new realm. Called to be a Ministering Angel, he "works" in the Dark region, seeking to bring enlightenment to those caught in their own Dark spirit prison.

Eber was tested in life, and now he is being tested in death. DARK will open your eyes to the possibilities of the universe as we enter the third millennium.

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The rules of life after death, established in the first book of the trilogy, "DARK-Millennium 3", are expanded and diversified in the second novel, "FORTH-Millennium 3", offering Eber and his sacred female Covenanters an ever-unfolding future of challenge and delight.

This controversial novel continues the story of Eber, a Mormon priest in mortal life, who must reconcile himself beyond the veil of death to aspects of his personal truth and reality that persist beyond the grave. The author uses direct quotations from the Qur'an and the Commentary Hadiths to expose the pagan roots of Islam in the idolatry of ancient Arabia. Loosely following the Mormon tenet, he also deals with intriguing aspects of sacred, consecrated companionships in the spirit realm, while exploring relationships that exist among the dead.

Events include the Mother of All Wars, the Armageddon of the Bible, as well as the Resurrection and the Second Coming (FORTH) of Jesus Christ. The book observes the deaths of five-and-a-half billion people from among those living today. Controversy enters as dialogue is used to dramatize elements of religious doctrine and scripture, casting adherents as apologists and interlocutors. Islam will abhor references to its scripture. Members of the Mormon faith also may struggle to absorb the vast panoply gradually opening before their eyes. Science does not conflict with Creation in this scenario, and finally, feminists may love or hate the roles of women as they are depicted in the Spirit World.

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