TJ Allen Pens Fictional Suspense Thriller on Military Divorce

TJ Allen Pens Fictional Suspense Thriller on Military Divorce

For the love of a great country, men and women join the Armed Forces in their continued fight to protect the people of the United States of America. Once enrolled and accepted, a volunteer belong to a government family that will come first. Any other family is secondary. Once in, each recruit's life is changed forever. That person prior to signing the contract is now a soldier, a fighter, a killing machine if necessary before beginning any career goals. Feelings will be lost within oneself due to the combat training each experience brings. And it will be difficult to walk away from what could have been a perfect structured lifestyle.

Above and Beyond The Call of Duty for Love, a compelling fictional novel written by TJ Allen tells the story of Tina Williams, ex-wife of military man Timothy Scott Allen, a corporal assigned to the USMC Air Traffic Control Unit who finds herself torn between love and loyalty to her former spouse who is very much attached to his job or to leave him completely. Timothy has to choose between her or the Military Family that he is a part of which places its needs before his and her. Eventually, Tina decided to leave him, but returns to help others within the Military Family despite her painful memories.

Attorney Lee Waters and Charles, his associate, wanted Tina to testify for a case between Linda and Joe Chambers' marriage that will prove that the longer they stay in the military service, the worst their marriage will be and thus will eventually end up in divorce. She came to know the couple thru her ex-husband. They need to get Joe and Linda out of the Corps a year and a half early and not to repay the bonus money. All of the other witnesses has been discredited because they were all married and have not experienced a military divorce like her . And now, she is their last hope.Her testimony will require her to relive all of her nightmares with her ex-husband. Will her testimony enough to convince the military council? Aside from this case, Tina together with Detective Robbie Otto, an ex-hubby of her find themselves investigating a serial killer who murders women and is still at large. Who is this serial killer and what are his motives behind his killings? Will Tina and her back-up detectives be able to catch him?

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