For close to a century, the Blood were secretly hunted and slaughtered. Many went mysteriously missing as Hades Coldstone, the new high priest, and his Bishop Benjamin Arcanus Trueth tapped into the forbidden arts in their quest for power. They had done the unthinkable. They had stolen the souls of the true Bloods. Soon, as their power began to grow, their arrogance grew bolder. They began to trespass openly. Unmercifully, they began raiding, killing, torturing, and sacrificing by the score.

"THE ORBS OF CREATION", a moving tale written by author D.A. King tells a riveting story of how Hades Coldstone, once esteemed High-priest of the Order of Truth has forsaken his vows, and in the bold coup to subvert every living being with the Blood he has unwittingly upset the balance. Having taken the Citadel, Hades began to seek the Orbs of Creation given to each race. The humans were given the Orb of Life, the elves the Orb of Destiny, the dwarves the Orb of Might, and the Orb of Knowledge was given to the reptile men. These orbs are the key to defeating the evil that fester the land. With a new threat looming in the distance, the heroes must find a way to stop the land in which their very life essence depends upon for life from dying.

Filled with powerful beings and creatures with a desire to oppress, conquer and feed, this story is a moving depiction of how arrogance and ignorance coupled with an insatiable thirst for power could ultimately lead to the total destruction of not only the people as a whole, but the entire world in which they live. It also embraces the concept of all those in creation having just one creator against having multiple gods.

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