THE DEAL: ABOUT FACE by Adam Gittlin is Released

THE DEAL: ABOUT FACE by Adam Gittlin is Released

THE DEAL: ABOUT FACE, book two of THE DEAL Trilogy by Adam Gittlin is now available in hardcover (ISBN: 978-1-60809-107-2, Thriller, 378 Pages, List Retail: $26.95) and all digital/eBook formats (ISBN: 978-1-60809-108-9, List Retail: $14.95) through all better booksellers, nationwide.

The Buzz:

"This is an exciting follow-up to The Deal. Gittlin does a very nice job of bringing readers up to speed and filling in the gaps between the two books. A third Jonah Gray novel is in the works, and that's a good thing, since there are a lot of ends left loose at the conclusion of this one." -Booklist

"The Deal: ABOUT FACE is the second book in a Trilogy by Adam Gittlin. The main character, Jonah Gray, is a Real Estate Executive dealing in the New York City real estate market. Jonah now has one goal in life - To return to New York City, solve the Faberge' mystery and clear his name. This fast paced and twisting murder mystery thriller will keep you reading till the wee hours of the night." -Jerry Zavada, Independent Reviewer

"The Deal: About Face moves the story forward with a moderately complex structure of time-hopping to fill in the historical gaps over the last nine years." -Thinking About Books, San Francisco / Sacramento Book Review

"The Deal: About Face by Adam Gittlin is a thriller in every sense of the word. It contains so many twists and turns, the reader must pay attention while enjoying this very clever novel. You won't want to miss a word." -Bookloons

The Story:

New York City commercial real estate power-broker Jonah Gray has finally resurfaced and he has a lot of unfinished business. Since becoming a fugitive and fleeing his own country, the road traveled has been a long and shocking one. And it has been a road of singular purpose: the methodical preparation for his return.

Saddled nine years ago with a rare Fabergé Imperial Easter Egg thought lost in the Russian Revolution, Jonah made sure the treasure ended up at its destination. In keeping it from his conniving half-brother, he also inadvertently killed a dirty New York City cop, and his own father was murdered in cold blood.

Jonah is unsure which is greater: all he lost in this world, or all he has learned about himself. One thing is certain. It is time.

Time for ruthlessness. Time for payback. Time for truth. Time for redemption. Time for a new deal.

Jonah believes he is ready for everything that is about to happen. The question everyone else?

The Author:

Adam Gittlin is a private investment executive in New York City, and has been involved with all aspects of commercial real estate. Gittlin received a BA in Psychology as well as an MBA in International Business, both from Syracuse University. Gittlin is also the author of two previous novels: The Men Downstairs and The Deal. He is currently at work on the next Jonah Gray installment, and lives between homes in New Jersey and New York City with his son.

Mr Gittlins's books are available through,,, and through all better booksellers, nationwide.

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