Susan H. McIntyre Releases New Poetry Book, PLAIN TALK POETRY

November 22
6:22 2013

Susan H. McIntyre Releases New Poetry Book, PLAIN TALK POETRY

Susan H. McIntyre, author of "Orphan Dreams" and "Living in the Theater of the Absurd," offers readers Plain Talk Poetry, a poetry collection written in precise language to convey real sensations and emotions. With every poem, even those which appear to be whimsical stories, based on specific and actual experiences and interactions, this book further establishes McIntyre's exceptional gift in flawlessly weaving words, rhymes and lines with meaning. Centered on modern themes, McIntyre desires to bring back the love and appreciation of poetry in a world typified by 140-character tweets and abbreviated text messages.

Exploring life through the lenses of modern-day culture, relationships, and place, this book covers a wide variety of subjects that fits modern lifestyle. The poems are grouped by topic, reflecting a wide range of universal emotions and experience as McIntyre tackles the different facets of life with distinct simplicity and clarity. As a result, the thoughts and impressions each piece draws out enhance each read, allowing it to become more potent and incisive. As the author notes, "If a reader were to browse the book, they would easily find a poem that speaks to them. They do not have to wade through outdated or elaborate poetic forms to gain meaning and inspiration."

Readers will come across light, peace and inspiration as they pore through the insightful pages. With each piece crafted succinctly, the messages it conveys seeps directly into the reader, penetrating deep into mind and heart. This impressive collection reveals essential truths that expand one's perspective through understanding and enlightenment.


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