'Standing Accountable' by Scott Schwab a Top Seller

'Standing Accountable' by Scott Schwab a Top Seller

Author Scott Schwab's book, "Standing Accountable: Increase Your Success by Holding Yourself Responsible," is a handbook for massive personal success. It has proven to be incredibly popular, setting sales records and becoming an bestseller. The simple reason for this incredible success: This is a book that actually helps people. The book is available for purchase at

"Honestly, I couldn't be happier. The number of five star reviews on is amazing, particularly for a book this new. I am pleased that this book is getting into so many hands and is able to change so many lives." - Scott Schwab, Author, "Standing Accountable: Increase Your Success by Holding Yourself Responsible"

The success of "Standing Accountable" can be seen in the reviews and comments that have been shared on the book's page on

"Whether we draw something into our life or not, we are responsible for effectively dealing with it and becoming something better." -S. Schwab. The contents of this book are a 100% necessity for any individual that wants to be a better THEM. The author includes complex, in depth theories on personal development; but he delivers it to the reader in a realistic, simplistic, applicable, and even comical manner. I've found my #1 stocking stuffer for the rapidly approaching holiday season!" - Cara

"I love this book because it teaches you that you don't need to be a prisoner of your past and that literally all of us have the potential to be great if we just hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE. The best part about this book is how these lessons are portrayed, they aren't of celebrities or historical people it's of Scott's actual experiences and real life stories that anyone can relate to on one level or another. Truly a great read and beneficial for anyone from a 15 year old high school student to a 50 year old entrepreneur." - Josh L.

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