Sometimes Love Is Not Enough by Bob Hertzel Chronicles Fighting Cancer From Caregiver's Perspective

The battle against cancer is an arduous and painful one, not only for those with the affliction, but also for those taking care of them, as author Bob Hertzel himself experienced when he tended to his wife as she fought a rare form of lung cancer. Hertzel's new book, "Sometimes Love is Not Enough," chronicles the courage and grace of his wife, Susanne Klein-Hertzel, who suffered unspeakably during her fight against cancer, and how they faced the adversities together day after day.

"Sometimes Love is Not Enough" is a unique work in that its narrative is from the perspective of a caretaker. Hertzel shows the process of diagnosis and treatment, the side effects and possible outcomes. This is his ode to his wife Susanne, which he hopes will be a learning experience for anyone dealing with lung cancer. The narrative is a timeline of events from symptoms to diagnosis, and all that followed. In the case of Hertzel's wife, it started with a cough, hence the book's subtitle, and the narrative goes from there all the way to the procedure of lung transplantation and recovery, all described in painstaking detail.

Hertzel's book is a very personal and gut-wrenching account of the fight against cancer from the perspective of a caregiver. In the author's own words, "It takes courage and commitment to deal with and to try to overcome the devastation of cancer, but sometimes love is not enough."

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