A family patriarch's voice is heard clearly from the past in Stand Up and Live. It is that voice that has spoken with urgent meaning for author Audrienne Roberts Womack. She did not meet her great-grandfather Anthony Dangerfield Sr., a visionary freedman who commenced the evolution of the Dangerfield/Roberts lineage into well-educated, prosperous citizens of the United States, but it is his inspiration that started this book. At first, like many young women her age, Womack could not recognize the importance and significance of her family history. It was her father, Horace Molvin Roberts Sr., who constantly reminded her, embedded in her memory, at least, the fact that on her may very well rest the hopes that their family history would not be forgotten.

In time, the author would be drawn to her family history, as surely as Anthony Dangerfield Sr.'s blood runs through her veins. She describes the pride and satisfaction she derived in finding her heart's connection to the past:

"I am now more than ever aware of how my life is so immensely connected to each and every one of the relatives that are connected to my father, who in turn are connected to me. What an empowering feeling to finally find out how rich and vast my family is and how glorious it is to know that my family history is not my history alone but also an African American history, an American history, or, as Howard Zinn describes it, a people's history."

It was then, with the best motivations, that Womack started and went through the task of writing the biography with gusto, traversing the assembled information in the form of photos, interviews, news articles and such, and researching the correct progression of events and persons that made up the Dangerfield/Roberts lineage. It was through the efforts of the unofficial family historian and cousin Ronald Palmer that these materials were preserved. The resulting work is one that will do her father, great- grandfather, her entire family, proud.

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