'Reflections of Love and Loathing' is Released

'Reflections of Love and Loathing' is Released


Author M.R. Gutierrez explores the mind of an abused victim in her new novel, "Reflections of Love and Loathing" (published by AuthorHouse).

In a city near Albuquerque, a 20-year-old Native American girl named Liliana lives with her alcoholic, abusive grandmother and a lurking sexual predator. When she meets Terry, she feels loved for the first time, but she must struggle to heal the self-doubt and pain that has become part of her daily life. While she struggles, her grandfather sets off a cascade of violence when he investigates the unsolved murders of Liliana's parents.

"The heart of the story is in the fears that are hidden deep in the mind that can devastate the victim long after the abuse has past and most of the trauma is healed," Gutierrez says.

"Reflections of Love and Loathing" combines the coming-of-age story of a young girl moving toward a place of self-acceptance with romance and mystery. Gutierrez hopes that readers of all backgrounds will come away from her book more aware of the struggles of the abused victims. She wants to demonstrate to readers the conflict between hating the abuse, but loving the abuser.

An excerpt from "Reflections of Love and Loathing":

"'How can anyone love me when I hate myself?'
'You'd be surprised. I hated me when I met Frank.'
'Frank's a saint.'
'And Terry's not? Girl, he put your grandmother to bed and got out unscathed.'
'Unscathed, huh?' Liliana sent him a skeptical glare.
'Yes, it's my new word for the week. I have to use it five more times.'"