Re-Live the Drugs, Sex, and Rock and Roll of the '80s in ROBIN'S BLUE by Pam Alster

June 26
7:08 2013


If you wrote a letter to 18 year old self what would you say? Relax, love more, live more, it will all turn out? At a time when most young adults are just spreading their wings and trying out college or life in the real world, a little glimpse into the future would certainly be welcome!

The new book, Robin's Blue by Pamela Alster, takes a walk down memory lane during the 80's when life was full of drugs, sex and rock and roll. Sound familiar? Some things in life stay the same like soul-searching and the quest for love making Robin's Blue the perfect summer read.

Timeless, poignant and controversial, Robin's Blue, explores:

  • The indelible influence life in the 70's and 80's is having on today's children.
  • Did the consequences of life in the last century lead us to "over-correct" with the flood of 12-step programs, self-help books, abstinence, psychotherapy and a return to traditional social values?
  • Does society have an obligation to try to prevent its youth from repeating their mistakes?
  • Do teenagers today behave any differently with the benefit of knowledge about the dangers of addiction?
  • Where does high-end prostitution exist today? Are we any more tolerant of it?
  • Does guilt or victimization become a driving force behind one's poor choices?
  • The impact of an absent parent - through death or emotional detachment.

"Robin emerges as a girl and woman who is her own best friend and worst enemy," says Alster, "but I believe every woman can relate to her doubts, fears and insecurities as they follow Robin's life journey to find a family where she belongs."

Pam Alster studied Master Fiction Writing at UCLA and is a former television writer who created the ABC/Lifetime TV show Girl Club. She wrote and performed the critically-acclaimed plays Shop Bloomingdales, Find Mother and Millennium's Eve, both workshopped and staged in Los Angeles at the HBO Workspace, Hudson and Black Box Theaters. A former stand-up comedian, Alster performed with Gotham City Improv in New York City and is currently a contributing blogger to and She lives in L.A. with her patient husband, old-soul daughter, newborn baby girl, and two well-fed mutts. Robin's Blue is her first novel. Website:

Robin's Blue is available on Net Galley and through

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