Pastor Carey N. Ingram Releases New Book on Child-Rearing

Pastor Carey N. Ingram Releases New Book on Child-Rearing

Pastor Carey N. Ingram presents fresh ideas for how to influence, educate and encourage children and teenagers in a positive way in his new book, "Rearing Children in a Postmodern World" (published by iUniverse).

Instead of publishing a book of theories on child-rearing, as a father, grandfather, special education teacher and pastor, Ingram has filled his book with practical applications that emphasize that as the world changes, so too do parents tactics need to change in how they raise and discipline a child. "This book redefines the times we live in," Ingram writes. "We are reminded that we have moved from a modern world to a postmodern world. Therefore, we must make changes in how we rear our children."

Ingram recognizes that different situations merit different measures, and the applications in his book can each be modified to fit a particular child's need in a particular situation. However, he maintains his position that, "A child/teenager needs to learn to be responsible or suffer the consequences (loss of privileges) he brings upon himself."

"Rearing Children in a Postmodern World" doesn't just focus on discipline, however. Ingram offers guidance for dealing with sexual abstinence before marriage, obesity, the pros and cons of technology, bullying, gangs and other temptations and challenges parents may run into when trying to raise Christian children in today's world.

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