Pamela Cramer's New Book, MURDER AT THE FRANKFURT OPERA is Now Available


Pamela Cramer's New Book, MURDER AT THE FRANKFURT OPERA is Now Available

Everyone loves a good, modern-day "whodunit". Add in a dash romance and a pinch of the opera world intrigue, and you have got yourself a page-turner.

In Pamela Cramer's new book, "Murder at the Frankfurt Opera," the reader will not only go on a murder mystery adventure, but will also get a behind-the-scenes look into the life of an opera singer.

Cramer, an opera expert in her own right, hopes to demystify the life of an opera singer with her new book series, "Murder She Sang," of which "Murder at the Frankfurt Opera" is the first installation. She has spent the majority of her life performing in operas and hopes to debunk the myth that the theatre world only appeals to the upper class.

"Murder at the Frankfurt Opera" begins its story during an opera rehearsal in Frankfurt, Germany. A young American opera singer, Myra, is just beginning her career there when her friend is mysteriously killed in an onstage accident.

Myra lets curiosity get the best of her and does some investigating of her own that opens a door of secrets that could get her killed.

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"Murder at the Frankfurt Opera: A 'Murder She Sang' Novel"

By Pamela Cramer

ISBN: 978-1-4918-5644-4

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse online bookstores

About the Author

Pamela Cramer knows the opera world like the back of her hand as she has sung in over 1,000 performances around the world throughout her career. She currently sings in the opera chorus for Opera in the Heights. Cramer has been married to her husband, John, for 30 years and they have two daughters together. They currently reside in Houston, Texas.

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