'Out of Mercy' Presents a Serial Killer With Heart

'Out of Mercy' Presents a Serial Killer With Heart

Danville, Ind.

According to statistics compiled by Childhelp, a report of child abuse is made every 10 seconds. Out of those abused children, 80 percent were later found to have a psychological disorder. Author G.J. Duemling's novel "Out of Mercy" (published by iUniverse) demonstrates the damage done by abuse to the novel's protagonist. Duemling states: "It is my hope that victims of child abuse seek help and know they are not alone."

Julia Crawford's interest in Morgan Lang isn't just romantic. She has big plans for the future of Lang Advertising. Julia is hiding dark secrets, though: a childhood of abuse, neglect and a trail of dead left in her wake. Julia is a serial killer. She believes herself to be a harbinger of mercy as she commits her murders. In the meantime, she carries out a normal existence with Morgan by her side, but Julia's secrets will be hard to keep now that Lottie Krauss, Morgan's housekeeper, has discovered one of her well kept secrets.

An excerpt from "Out of Mercy":

"'I had watched him suffer for three years. The next day, I crushed up all of my daddy's pain pills he took for his bad back and mixed them into the peanut butter. I spread it on the bread and put lots of jelly on it. I took it to Robert, and he ate every bite. He laid down in that field of weeds and went to sleep. The next morning, he wasn't standing in the field anymore. That night, after dark, the moon was full and lit up the field like a floodlight. I saw his dad digging a hole where Robert had always stood. He carried Robert's frail little body, wrapped in an old blanket, and placed it in the hole. I bet that was the kindest thing his father had ever done for him, and I was proud to have been the one to bring to an end Robert's suffering. I did it out of mercy, don't you see, Alex? I saved him.'"

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