Orphaned Girl Releases New Novel, SARAH

October 29
6:43 2013

Orphaned Girl Releases New Novel, SARAH

First-time author Margie debuts into the publishing world with a romance novel about trust and true love, titled "Sarah." The book is inspired by Margie's dreams, her own childhood in Alaska, and her real life fairy tale of finding true love at the sweet age of 16. It appeals to romance fiction fans who relish stories and thirst for lessons on trusting others, adapting to the unknown, and finding the meaning of true love.

Set in Anchorage and Seward, Alaska, the book follows the story of an intriguing young lady named Sarah. Sarah is beautiful inside and out; charming, trusting and very naive. While the orphanage where she stayed overprotected all of their wards, that would only lead to trouble; and Sarah was a magnet for trouble. As to why she ended up in an orphanage, that is one traumatic experience that has haunted her since she was little.

At the tender age of eight years old, Sarah witnessed the gruesome killing of her parents. She would have died that night, but wolves gathered to protect her. With no family to care for her, she ended up and grew up in an orphanage. Unknown to Sarah, her future husband had been chosen prior to her parent's deaths, and he was watching over her. Strangely, though, she was also being watched by the FBI and the Mafia.

Mysterious and moving, humorous and heartwarming, "Sarah" is a story that will make readers laugh, cry and get emotionally involved with the characters - Sarah, the lovely, innocent and fearful young lady, and Jared, her protector, teacher and more. With timeless themes of trust and love, this is a novel that will find a warm, soft spot in readers' hearts, prompting a desire to look with anticipation for a sequel.


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