New Travelogue on 'Brazil' is Released

March 7
6:15 2014
New Travelogue on 'Brazil' is Released

Readers follow author Bruce Holdt's exploits as well as his reflections of experiences in another time and place in his new memoir/travelogue simply entitled " Brazil". Holdt's account of his voyage to Brazil holds readers with his own sense of adventure in exploring a beautiful, exotic country. He communicates excitement generated by his wanderlust that was abetted by his position as defense attaché in America's consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

Commander Bruce Holdt is the United States Defense Attaché in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and part of the Defense Intelligence Agency's clandestine military attaché service, conducting espionage activities with the Central Intelligence Agency throughout the nation. The majority of people in Latin America do not speak Spanish, they speak Portuguese, and the population of Brazil is larger than the population of the other Latin American countries combined. Commander Holdt learned to speak fluent Portuguese, was trained at the Defense Intelligence Agency and the CIA in the use of many different kinds of weapons, defensive driving and hand to hand combat. He makes good use of all his training and leads several secret dangerous missions throughout the cities and jungles of Brazil, which he describes in thrilling detail.

In "Brazil", Holdt relates the pleasant and unpleasant memories he garnered in his three-year stay. Readers will be engrossed as the author details his exciting escapades while revealing trivia, memorabilia and photographs that give a vivid portrait of the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region. Although a memoir, "Brazil" often has action scenes that excite, as befits adventurous experience in a large state with many frontier regions:


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