New Historical Fiction, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro, is Released

New Historical Fiction, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro, is Released

PARIS, June 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ The Tragedy of Fidel Castro

A Novel

By Joo Cerqueira

"...a magic realism hybrid of sacrificial lambs and revolution, capitalistic decadence, and celestial consequence in a dimension where the cogs of time have jammed." Mark Spitzer, Toad Suck Review editor and professor of writing at the University of Central Arkansas

Writer Joo Cerqueira of Portugal has always had an interest in the strange 1917 occurrence that happened in Fatima, when the Virgin Mary appeared to three Portuguese shepherd children, sharing several prophecies, including one that Communism would end. Having also spent considerable time in Cuba and hearing stories of those who experienced Fidel Castro's regime firsthand, Joo creatively combined the relationship between Castro and the Miracle at Fatima in his newest and refreshingly imaginative novel, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro.

"I wanted to create something truly original, involving contemporary problems, politics, and the existence of God using facts, humor, and irony," says Joo. "I hope to not only entertain, but to also have my readers reflect on the important issues in today's world capitalism versus socialism as well as the meaning of life."

Humorous and teeming with metaphors, The Tragedy of Fidel Castro begins as God receives a request from Fatima to help prevent a war between Fidel Castro and JFK which leads him to ask his reluctant son Jesus to return to Earth a second time to diffuse the conflict.

Meanwhile, in Cuba, Castro faces protests on the streets and realizes he is about to be overthrown. All alone, surrounded by enemies and more than aware the end is fast approaching, he plays his final card: a pact with the Devil where he sells his soul in exchange for being remembered no longer as a dictator, but as a hero who fought for a better world.

By this time, Christ arrives on Earth and teams up with Fatima, who is convinced she can create a miracle to avoid the ultimate battle between JFK and Castro and save the world as we know it.