New Book 'The Process' is Released

July 31
7:27 2014
New Book 'The Process' is Released

ELGIN, Ill. - Would understanding the age-old soul-cycle offer an answer to the medical enigma of neurological disorders in children? Author Joel Blake believes indeed. In his intriguing new title, "The Process," (published by Xlibris) he reveals an astounding premise that may challenge core medical and religious precepts.

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), include ADD, ADHD, Asperger's, Autism, Tourette's syndrome, Dyslexia, OCD, and others. They are all related in that they involve improper development of the brain. Today one in every 63 kids will develop one of these disorders. In the year 2000, the ratio was one in 10,000. The statistics command attention and the same insight inspired Blake to share the concepts contained in this book. Throughout the chapters, Blake opens a primer to the cause of these neurological disorders.

"By figuring out the cause of the disorders, it was relatively easy to find a technological solution," Blake shares. "As to the cause, though, I felt it necessary to provide a primer on the topic of 'regression therapy.' This discussion leads to the topic of reincarnation, a subject not very well understood on this side of the planet."

The author's fiction-like uptake on a deliberate scientific subject challenges not only the medical world but also religious institutions that do not recognize reincarnation as a part of our everyday existence. Still, he hopes the skepticism would turn into curiosity that would prod the discovery of the truth. "For the faithful of any religion, this book is a must. For those without belief, the concepts shared here will be the most provocative you've ever read."


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