Dreading his 30th birthday, private investigator Jackson Douglas plans to sleep the day away. But when he is approached by two quirky female clients and agrees to take their cases, he gets more than he bargained for. Jackson spends all day and night racing across Los Angeles, sorting fact from fiction in an effort to figure out what is really going on before it's too late. Nathan Birr introduces his clever but scarred investigator in his debut novel, "Overnight Delivery: The Douglas Files: Book One" (published by WestBow Press).

When Jackson takes two seemingly innocuous and unrelated cases, he expects an easy day of work. However, he can't shake the feeling that something is off, and as darkness falls, the stakes begin to rise: One of his clients goes missing and Jackson's rescue efforts land him in the midst of a decade-old Los Angeles gang feud.

Uncertain who he can trust, Jackson is put to the test - physically, mentally and emotionally - as he races against the clock to unravel hidden truths and identities. Relying on his wits and skills, the help of his friends and courage forged by tragedy, Jackson does whatever needs to be done to save the day.

In "Overnight Delivery," Birr fuses an urgent mystery and fast-paced action with psychological discussions, hints of romance and plenty of humor. Jackson's smart-aleck attitude - expressed via wisecracks and pop culture references - serves as his coping mechanism for the stress of life. By combining Jackson's humor with his real-life Christian perspective and observant, discerning method of investigation, Birr creates a charming and relatable character for readers to root for.

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