N. Karina Tovar Naidenoff Releases New Book 'Jump!'

N. Karina Tovar Naidenoff Releases New Book 'Jump!'

In 2007, author N. Karina Tovar Naidenoff had quite an unusual dream. She had it for 10 days in a row and it was so extraordinary. She felt that she needed to tell her dream to every person she knows. Two years later and up to the present, she realized that it was the most amazing experience she ever had. For Naidenoff, even if it was just a dream, she feels that people needed to know it and what better way to share her dreams than through the magic of books.

"Jump!" tells the story of Amalia Martin, a woman who has never been able to remember her dreams. All her life, she thought it was just because of her bad memory. She did not really think that dreams could mean anything special. She moved to England to learn the language when one day, she had the most amazing and unexpected of dreams which opened her eyes to a different view of the universe.

Amalia tries to find the reason why she has always had so many estrange experiences. In her dreams, she can communicate with voices that tell her secrets about the world humans live in. She can even go and explore other planets including Planet X which also marked her discovery of life and planets within earth's orbit but on a different energy level. Amalia had never been a regular girl. Magic has always taken part on her life. However, what she discovered in her dreams will forever change man's ways of thinking about the planet they live in and where everything come from.

"Jump!" is an intriguing and thought-provoking read that will open the minds of readers on the power of dreams and where it can take them. It provides an explanation to the many undiscovered wonders of the world. It gives a new theory of life in a different form in the galaxy being right in front of one's own eyes with seven other planets going through earth as big ghosts giving explanation to the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle, Stonehenge, the pyramids, Machu Picchu and more as well as gives back the story of man's own beginning, the reason for man's existence and the solution to all problems that is one's free will.

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