Melvin F. Cruthers Releases ENLIST

Melvin F. Cruthers Releases ENLIST

Melvin F. Cruthers' "Enlist" (published by Trafford Publishing) is a collection of 30 narratives written by veterans from various American armed services, which details their experiences and reasons for choosing a career in the military. The book has now been selected for inclusion in the Gold Seal program, which recognizes excellence in writing and overall potential.

Cruthers compiled these stories as a way to "...encourage students to consider enlisting in the service of their choice and see what they could gain from it upon graduation." His own experiences in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II, including his wounding and the loss of his leg, have shaped Cruthers into the man he is today, and despite the past pain and difficulty, he is proud of that man.

"Enlist" does not glorify war or service, Cruthers explains, "It points out that the service is not only fighting conflicts, but also education, travel, camaraderie, discipline, service during national emergencies and valuable preparation for the next step in attending higher education."

Cruthers wrote "Enlist" not only for the prospective soldier, sailor, airman or Marine, but also for the many parents with sons and daughters in the military service. He hopes the book will help assuage their concerns and fears.

Despite the single name on the book's spine, "Enlist" is not just Cruthers' opinions. "Each of the 30 veterans," he says, "provided his or her own personal message."

By Melvin F. Cruthers
Softcover | 5.5 x 8.5 in | 302 pages | ISBN 9781412061384
E-Book | 302 pages | ISBN 9781412237055
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About the Author
Melvin F. Cruthers lives and writes in Burton, Ohio. He is a disabled veteran of World War II, who is proud of his service, his life and the youth of today that are taking over. He is hoping to provide some direction to them with his writing.

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