M.A. Searle Releases Mystery Crime Story, THE ROGUE SPY

M.A. Searle Releases Mystery Crime Story, THE ROGUE SPY

An old school detective likes to hit the beat and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. He has an impressive service record, with medals of heroism and him going beyond the call of duty. His loving wife had passed away 10 years ago in a horrific single car accident.

"The Rogue Spy," a mystery and detective fiction written by author M.A. Searle tells the story of Frank Barnes who, after five years of investigating five murders including his partner's, has finally got a lead that the killer has left Australia and appeared in Alaska. With help from Dwight Freeman, a young enthusiastic constable, they track down two witnesses to one of the murders.

Frank thought deeply as he remembered that in all his years of police service, those five lifeless bodies were the only cases he had not solved. This thought always angered him, but in every stone they turned, there was nothing there. Every lead turned up dead or cold. His determination to solve these horrendous crimes had taken a toll on Frank's family life.

With the help of Alyssa, a beautiful state trooper in Alaska, Frank tracks down the serial killer, which takes him on an adventure across the Last Frontier. Covering up his feelings for the state trooper and giving in to his animal instincts, Frank battles his conflicted self as the manhunt begins.

A fundraiser dance where Frank Barnes accompanies Alyssa eventually leads to her disappearance. Frank rushes to rescue his partner with the aid of the young constable in Australia. They find out that the killer is located in an isolated area of Alaska and some ad lib thinking is needed to save her. Will Frank finally catch the serial killer and bring him behind bars? Will he be able to find and save Alyssa as well?

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