LIVING SHADOW Thriller from Maria Soriano Now Available as eBook

LIVING SHADOW Thriller from Maria Soriano Now Available as eBook

"The story of "Living Shadow," my supernatural thriller novel, came from a dream," Maria Soriano said. "In fact, many of my stories have originated from dreams. I see in a dream, a scene, an image, only for an instant. I usually wake up, if I am to remember it. Through that one vision, I can create a whole story."

With a supernatural spin "Living Shadow" is about fifteen-year-old Angela and her mother Mattie, and the conflicts many teenagers and mothers face. Angela must choose to either listen to her mother and teachers who only want the best for her or to follow her cool and new exciting friends who negatively influence Angela with the intent to never let her go.

"I first wrote "Living Shadow" as a screenplay, Maria Soriano said. My twin sister, Carmen, read it and suggested I write it as a novel. I naively did. I sent it to several agents. One agent sent it to a publisher who said that a cross genre novel was difficult to sell. That was over ten years ago. Now cross genre novels are the norm, so I decided to pull it out, work on it and present it to everyone."

Maria Soriano has been writing for the past 25 years. She has over 20 published and unpublished works covering many genres; many are supernatural. Besides being a novelist, she is a playwright and screenwriter. Her stories portray ordinary people who face difficult situations and become extraordinary. She is ready to release them for 2013.

Maria Soriano was born in Washington, DC of Hispanic parents and raised on a family farm in Virginia. She and her twin sister, Carmen, slept with their beds pushed together. One night she woke up and saw a human shape of light going through the beds. Filled with fear, she covered herself with the covers from head to toe and prayed. She has had many supernatural experiences and started writing to infuse supernatural elements into some of her stories.

Maria Soriano was a professional dancer for many years before becoming a writer. She studied flamenco, ballet and jazz and traveled as a soloist throughout the U.S., Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. Although she has a dancer's spirit, her passion is writing. Maria Soriano lives in Los Angeles, CA.

"Living Shadow" is available on and Barnes & Noble as an e-book. Maria Soriano is looking for agency representation and is currently with Artists Chemistry Management.

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