LIFE'S STATEMENTS by Delores Artemus is Available Now

LIFE'S STATEMENTS by Delores Artemus is Available Now

If you're happy and you know it, you are one of a small number who feel the same sentiment. According to a recent study reported in The Huffington Post, "only one in three Americans say they're very happy."

Delores Artemus, a photographer with a love of travel and motivational speaking, has created her own version of happiness and affirms the simplicity of it all in her new book, "Life's Statements."

Artemus realized she needed to make a conscious effort to have a more fulfilling life; happiness was not going to just land in her lap. She said, "Once I discovered that I was very happy, my life was enormous."

She defines her coined term, "life enormous," as being able to have the things she needs, her mind being in a state of happiness and knowing that her state of mind will help to bounce back from any downfall that may come her way.

Artemus said, "['Life's Statements'] is about knowing what you want, goal setting and how to get your own 'life enormous.'"

Everyone deserves to have high expectations for their life and deserves to accomplish the dreams they work hard to achieve. "Life's Statements" can be a how-to guide for anyone who needs a push to follow those dreams that used to seem so lofty, or in realizing the dreams they never knew they had.

"Life's Statements"
By Delores Artemus
ISBN: 978-1-4817-5615-0
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse online bookstores

About the Author

Delores Artemus was born and educated in North Carolina. She is a photographer, and the pictures used on the cover of "Life's Statements" are from her travels. Artemus felt the experiences she had throughout her years could enrich the lives and happiness of others. She currently resides in Columbia, S.C.

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