Kevin Naicker Releases MY MUMS MY FOE

Kevin Naicker Releases MY MUMS MY FOE

A child's pledge to his dying father leads him to a world of hurt and misery. His world-renowned widowed mum struggles to love him as her one and only child, who is pursued by another mum. Through a tangled web of deceit, abuse of power, endless heartbreaks, emotional turmoil, unjustified use of medical and military knowledge, this young boy has to mature into a sporting hero and a medical super specialist.

My Mums My Foe written by Dr. Kevin Naicker is a medical, scientific, martial arts suspense thriller that tells the story of Brad, an abused child and his bid to keep his promise to his father. He has ingenious and skillful blend of martial arts in him, clever science and medicine. He has to travel on a sabbatical to Africa to bring to an end the injustices set upon him and his family and to find love and peace from his mums. Will a tribal witch doctor lead him to happiness or death? Will one mum has to die for another to smile?

While this book is inspired by real-life events that the author has personally witnessed or have lived through some experiences with others who have been affected, this book is still a hybrid of fiction and non-fiction. There are elements of science fiction, science fact, science fantasy, martial arts, and references to the military and also included are cultural ideologies and norms.

My Mums My Foe is a compelling read from beginning to end and stresses on the issue of abuse of power and authority be it military, medical or technology. Furthermore, it will remind readers on the need to uphold family values. It also serves to awaken the senses of everyone particularly for those whose children the world over have become a victim of abuse either mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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