Jon Rister and Alfred Huang Teach Martial Arts for Self Protection

Jon Rister and Alfred Huang Teach Martial Arts for Self Protection

Irving, Texas

Some people pursue martial arts for recreation. Others are mainly academically or intellectually interested in its history and culture. Then there are those who are simply afraid. They study and practice martial arts out of a genuine need to protect themselves from dangerous people and situations.

"Close Combat Strategy and Tactics: Prevent, Confront, Prevail is written by authors Jon Rister and Alfred Huang. In contrast to other martial arts books, this book mainly deals with the survival of the individual. It will not cover the history of any martial art; rather, it will consider the philosophy of violence.

The first level of personal protection begins before the physical altercation occurs. In other words, learning to protect oneself requires that a person, first and foremost, must know how to avoid violence. A person must be able to see it coming, to recognize the potential for conflict, and to avoid getting into that situation if at all possible. This may involve placing his/her ego aside and walking away from a situation that could easily escalate.

The second level of protection involves the point when a person is actually physically assaulted or is certain that physical conflict is imminent or inevitable. It is at this point when physical contact becomes absolutely necessary and, in most states, is allowed by law. This book will demonstrate some simple, yet very effective techniques that will help anyone get out of a dangerous situation when push comes to shove.

"Close Combat Strategy and Tactics: Prevent, Confront, Prevail" teaches readers about survival when they needit, avoiding trouble whenever possible, being aware of their surroundings and others' body language, and maintaining personal space. This book is written from the viewpoint of martial arts professionals and not necessarily from self-defense advocates.

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