John J. Perry Releases Workbook on CREATING THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHOICE

John J. Perry Releases Workbook on CREATING THE FUTURE OF YOUR CHOICE

Author John J. Perry's life has been heavily influenced by his parents, especially his father. The examples his father set throughout Perry's life established the foundation on which he built his belief that he could choose to be powerful and in charge of his own future, no matter his circumstances. And now, Perry shares with readers his do-it-yourself guide to empowerment.

"Creating the Future of Your Choice" offer readers a process for reclaiming their power and using it for their own benefit. This is a workbook that will help them create the future of their choice. It can be used to structure thoughts, images and actions in ways that are likely to maximize the chances that their dreams will be realized.

This book will give readers a structure for envisioning desired future and writing an inspiring vision statement. It will help them determine whether or not they have enough personal energy to fuel the journey, scan the landscape ahead to identify any obstacles, and identify and nurture relationships with others who will be important to their success. Finally, it will help them develop a plan for turning their vision into reality and find ways to strengthen and sustain the will to succeed at executing their plans.

"Creating the Future of Your Choice" is both an inspiring and enlightening read that guides readers as they journey toward a successful future. If they follow the book's suggestions, inspiration focus and support will sustain them when setbacks and disappointments arise. Once they choose their future, accept responsibility for creating it, and develop their will to succeed, they will not become a victim of others' choices and will always retain their power or be able to reclaim it.

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