Ismael Cala Announces His 2017 World Tour 'Wake up with Cala'

Ismael Cala Announces His 2017 World Tour 'Wake up with Cala'

Ismael Cala Announces His 2017 World Tour 'Wake up with Cala'

"Wake up with Cala" (Despierta con Cala), the world tour designed by Ismael Cala to help people achieve excellence, optimum individual performance and the awakening of their conscience, will make its debut on Wednesday, May 31, in the Canadian city of Montreal. "Wake up with Cala is a solution to our unidentified limitations, repetitive thought patterns and the restraints of our past histories, histories that will need to be reshaped in order for them to be used from the standpoint of their power and not victimization," explained Cala during the announcement of his tour.

The conference is based on the C.A.L.A. Life Method (Constant Learning for Leadership in Action), a self-study program offering a series of strategic mental tools to help people to become the best version of themselves possible.

The tour will move on to Toronto (Canada) on June 2, followed by Miami (U.S.), Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Sucre and La Paz (Bolivia), and Bogota and Medellin (Colombia), among other cities to be announced. For more information, visit

"Our team of scholars and coaches have worked alongside me for five years to create a powerful personal and professional growth guide using the most recent research in neuroscience, non-violent communication, neurolinguistics programming, positive psychology and emotional intelligence," said Cala.

Cala's schedule will wrap up in the following weeks with talks and book presentations in cities such as Dubai (May 5) and Madrid (July 4), and business conferences in San Diego, Guatemala City, San Jose, Costa Rica, and Buenos Aires, among other activities.

ABOUT ISMAEL CALA Life and human development strategist, best-selling author and international speaker, for more than five years, Cala was the host of CALA on CNN en Espaol.

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