INSTANT OLD Talks About the Indomitable Human Spirit

Can a single tragedy change life forever? David E. Friendman's love for motorcycles let him live life on the edge. He was driven by his spirit of adventure and his fervent interest in motocross racing. His dream and wild ways, however, was cut short by an accident. In his new book, "Instant Old," he talks about his powerful journey of redemption and the courage that he found after the unexpected twist in his life.

Since his teenage years, Friedman has always been interested in motorcycles. Aside from racing, he is knowledgeable and was deeply involved in motorcycle mechanics. His passion landed him his first job as a motorcycle repairman. However, it also propelled him into an unexpected chapter in his life.

Friedman describes the accident as "passion gone awry and a dream interrupted." The aftermath was a time of many physical, emotional and spiritual changes. In "Instant Old," he opens up his struggles during this troubled episode in his life but more importantly, he talks about the transformative journey that strengthened his character and challenged the way that he looked at life and himself.

Readers will find themselves crying and cheering on as Friedman, the honest and brave narrator, takes them to the different chapters of his story - from his childhood adventures to his wild antics on the racetrack, from his days at the hospital and rehabilitation centers to a place of triumph and realization of his dreams.

Powerful, deeply moving and ultimately triumphant, "Instant Old" is all at once a story of an extraordinarily courageous comeback and an inspiring testament of the indomitable human spirit. Friedman's life reveals above all that tragedies can change lives but that change can be for the better.

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