HD Graham Releases 'Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Stories'

HD Graham Releases 'Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Stories'

Author HD Graham proves how some stories are just possible with his new publication, "Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Stories." This book is a collection of fascinating short stories from the heroic and courageous men who served as Helicopter Air and Ground Crew Members on a variety of helicopters located throughout Vietnam during the many years they served and fought there from June 1959 to April 1975.

Mostly, the stories took place during the Vietnam War, but some are about something that happened after the men returned home or later in their lives. Told by crew members who flew and fought, these stories also include photos and other documents that they wanted to share. According to Graham, upon returning home in 1966 -1973, military members were scorned, looked upon as baby killers, and were actually attacked by college students and some other Americans. "Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Stories" lets these men tell their tale and the horrors that they have to endure during those dark times.

"Each of those men were heroes then and will always be heroes, especially to the last couple of generations," Graham says.

This book will appeal to history enthusiasts and any military person regardless of the branch that they serve. It will let them know what these brave men and women went through in that unpopular war and all the things they have to endure after returning home.

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