Gloria Crook Shares Story of 'Trans-Dimensional Daughter'

August 22
6:07 2014
Gloria Crook Shares Story of 'Trans-Dimensional Daughter'

Arlington, Texas

Earth and humanity are part of the larger whole - the universe. As it is, author Gloria Crook wants readers to have a broader perspective on their own context within the cosmos and a realization that they possess unused faculties which they are able to develop. Revealing the life and her interactions with her "Trans-Dimensional Daughter" (published by Xlibris), Angela, Crook asserts that all human beings possess trans-dimensional faculties that they are not aware of.

"Being born into human form on this planet for the first time brings forward many learning situations that most human beings are too insensitive to register. Angela had conscious access to extended or expanded dimensions of her own existence," Crook shares. "That access altered her perspective from that of the usual person, allowing her a transparent view for presentation to others. She seemed a normal human being in many respects but had a few faculties far beyond normal human understanding or expression."

By telling the experiences of her late daughter, reinforced by her own observations, Crooks enables readers to begin to recognize and use their trans-dimensional faculties in daily life: seeing the energies present, but invisible; sensing the thoughts and feelings of anyone in one's environment; realizing the individual context within humanity, the planet, the solar system and the cosmos. After sharing the short but fulfilled journey of her "Trans-Dimensional Daughter" Crook is happy to be the messenger of what Angela tried to tell humanity.


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