Former Marine Releases THE TIGER'S DEN

Former Marine Releases THE TIGER'S DEN

"The Tiger's Den" by author T. Jack Lewis explores the clashing cultures during Japan's expansion during the early days of World War II. The novel examines the effect war has on today's society and how people deal with circumstances beyond their control.

"The problem with war is that when troops are sent to another country to take what their leaders want, people die and terror is the lone result," Lewis said. "Lives and families are ruined. Children are the inevitable victims. This is not acceptable under any circumstances."

Although Lewis' story takes place in Western Manchuria, when a border dispute ignited an armed battle between Russian and Japan, "The Tiger's Den" is not solely about Japan or war. Instead, it is about fear, courage, character and personal relationships. It is about love, growth and people doing the right thing when confronted by a stark reality.

"All of the aggressor nations, which were considered our enemies, had armies populated with honest young men," said Lewis. "These young men were dedicated to family and hated war. These men had to fight against American interests because they simply had no other choice."

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"The Tiger's Den"
By T. Jack Lewis
Paperback: $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-4918-0902-0
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and AuthorHouse

About the author:

T. Jack Lewis was born in Chicago in 1957. In 1984 he visited Japan for the first time and was so fascinated by the culture that he decided to stay and raise a family. A military historian, Lewis discovered many historical facts that led to the decision to write "The Tiger's Den." Through his writing, he hopes readers will connect the east and west and gain insight that will help the people of both worlds unite with a unique understanding of each other.

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