Fifteen-Year-Old Releases TOMORROW'S A NEW DAY

August 28
6:02 2014
Fifteen-Year-Old Releases TOMORROW'S A NEW DAY

SHARJA, United Arab Emirates

Creatively expressed and vividly portrayed, 15-year-old author Nouf Ismail pens a stunning fiction that captures the universally known but often misunderstood reality of teenage depression. In "Tomorrow's A New Day," (published by Xlibris UK) her story gives readers a contemporary insider view of the emotional hurdles of adolescence and attempts to inspire help from the more knowledgeable members of the society.

Ismail puts herself in Lindsey, a teenage girl who tries to banish herself when the world has turned against her. Her diary is her constant friend and only companion. Here, she expresses whatever she feels without the anxiety of prejudice or social shunning. But when Mrs. Peters read her diary and started telling the story to her students, they all understood how devastated Lindsey was. Would it be fair if she kills herself? Is self-inflicted pain an exaggerated reaction to her situation? Lindsey's tale is an extraordinary story of a girl's hope for renewal. With scarce faith, she struggles to find love in a cunning and cruel world.

The truth echoed in the author's prose is a bold reflection of the current society - how it affects the cultivation of a new generation. The loss, pain and suffering mortified by the torture of social indifference are portrayed by the author with clarity and impressive thinking. Her truthful depiction of the issue comes with a plea: to be understood and to be fairly treated with mutual respect.


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