Every moment is a new experience.

In his new poetry collection "From Life to Death," author Richard Allen Brooks provides introspection into the different phases of life.

"I want people to come away enriched in their understandings of their own lives," Brooks said. "If through my work you feel like you've seen your life flash before your eyes, then I've done my job."

Brooks, who began writing poetry late in life, writes about the highs and lows of family, relationships, careers, faith and season changes.

Some poems like "No Ordinary Man" on President Barack Obama, "John John" on John F. Kennedy Jr. and "9-11-01" highlight modern events.

Brooks also draws from his experience as an African American.

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"From Life to Death"
By Richard Allen Brooks
ISBN: 978-1-4568-5335-8
Softcover retail price: $19.99
Hardcover retail price: $29.99
E-book retail price: $9.99
Available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Richard Allen Brooks worked in the federal government, film industry and aerospace industry during his active professional career. He wrote his first poem, "Life," for a friend's memorial service after retirement. He has since completed more than 500 poems and his first full-length play. He enjoys traveling to different countries and has traveled to all fifty states.

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